Gallery Walls

Why are Gallery Walls such a fabulous addition for your home? Check out below just a few principles of creating a wall with impact….

Gallery walls are an original way to personalise your space. What’s so great about them? They offer infinite possibilities and can be adapted to pretty much any style and any budget. To get it right, simply respect a few principals:

It can be either the theme or the frame but you need to get a bit of consistency around your project: choose a dominant colour, a style of picture and prints… Without coherence, your gallery wall can easily become heavy. Coordination is key!

The configuration of your gallery wall is really important, make some tests on the floor first or use masking tape to plan how you will display your prints and pictures. Some elements have to be considered like the spacing between pieces or the alignment of the frames. You can easily find some gallery wall layouts on the web if you need inspiration.

With this one, we can truly help, we curated for you the best prints and pictures of the season. So go ahead and create an eye catching gallery wall in your home!




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