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I had read Kelly Corrigan’s ‘Glitter and Glue’ a while ago and I know she has a new one out but I figured I’d had start with ‘The Middle Place’ given it’s one I hear friends rave about. And I can see why. She’s not only a great writer but an astute student, and observer, of this season of life that many of us find ourselves in: raising little ones while also still enjoying one’s role as a daughter of parents.

But as in all seasons of life, these seasons are in constant flux, and when she receives a breast cancer diagnosis around the same time as her father receives one for bladder cancer, she goes back and forth between the role of daughter and mother daily, sometimes hourly.

It’s a tender read, I loved how she has alternates chapters for her childhood and present tense. Reminding us of how life isn’t either/or but continues in the both/and, particularly when we are in that ‘middle place’.

Publisher: Ebury Press (21 Jan. 2010)

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Natalie d'Aubermont Thompson

Natalie d'Aubermont Thompson

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