Interview with Ayshea Brough

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Pop Princess to Beverly Hills Wife and now living in Grantham, T.V’s Ayshea Brough chats to Magazine editor Linsey Robinson. (This interview is from an original in our printed copy in 2010.)

Ayshea Facts

Born in London on the 12th November Ayshea spent her younger days in France, before returning to London to attend the Arts Educational School where she made her film debut at the age of nine in “Tom Thumb”.

During 1969 to 1979 Ayshea presented Lift Off with Ayshea, the children’s pop show which ran on ITV, she introduced current pop acts and also had her own singing slot.

In 1970 Ayshea played a character called Ayshea (also referred to as Lt Johnson) in the Gerry Anderson science fiction TV drama UFO. In this series her character worked in the secret headquarters of the organization SHADO as a radio communications operator, which defended the earth from aliens.

She recorded eight singles and two albums. Her first album was made during the production of U.F.O.

Her other TV appearances have included a wide range from “Othello” to “Mickey Dunne”. Her movie appearances include “The Winslow Affair” and “Nine Hours to Rama”. In the theatre she has appeared in “The King and I” and a mime play called ‘Song of semone’ at Drury Lane.

Ayshea owns a gorgeous T-cup Chihuahua called ‘Bonnie’ who is best friends with Tiggy the
Chihuahua, the magazine’s very own mascot!

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So Ayshea how does the wife of a Hollywood Studio president end up in Grantham?
Well about seven years ago my mother Rose, who used to fly out to LA every year to visit me and stay for a couple of weeks said she was finding the journey a bit too long. I was fairly recently divorced and I had always missed England so I decided I would close down my interior design business, pack up my house, four dogs and life and move to Grantham to be close to my mother.

Was it very difficult to give up the movie star lifestyle you were used to in Beverly Hills and come and live in a market town?
Yes, but the difficulty was the difference between the big city and small town, not the USA and England for me.
You see I am a city girl born and bred. I was born in London and I am used to city life but I an a person who thrives on change and I am very happy here.

Did you stop working in show business in LA?
No I made two moves and did some TV but my husband Michael Levy was making movies all over the world and didn’t want me to work anymore so I quit. I started a property development company and an interior design business but I could leave the rest of the staff to look after the companies and be with my husband to travel from time to time so it worked out well.

How come you haven’t gone back into TV since returning to England?
I started a property development company and the offers I‘ve had I have just put off. I’m not driven like I used to be but I’m thinking about it.

Did you do the interior of the house you are in?
Yes it’s a lovely big old Victorian villa that I gutted, restored all the original features that were missing and added some modern facilities.

So are you settled now?
For now, but who knows……!!!

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