Turning the spotlight on Rosie for World Mental Health Day

Mental Health Day

Rosie Holman is one fierce lady.

Having suffered mental health issues from an early age due to taking on too much too soon, she’s battled her demons since the age of 13, had spells in hospital, but is now funnelling her depression to a much happier place, and bringing others on her ride too.

With such a troubled past, many would buckle under the pressure and do nothing, but she has fought back, determined to make her shot at life count and have a positive impact on others.

On World Mental Health Day today, we thought Rosie would make the perfect entrepreneur to shine the light on.

At 29, Rosie has channelled her troubled past to a point where she has refused to let it dictate her future.

Her focus is now very much on her business as well as empowering other women in the same position.

Rosie’s love of dance and music was very much an outlet for her growing up and it was this passion that led her to launch www.join-the-circle.co.uk – a specialist dance class for elderly care home residents.

Having worked as an activity co-ordinator in a care home, she knows what residents need to maintain a high quality of life and knows the dangers of being not being physically and intellectually stimulated.

She therefore decided to develop interactive classes to encourage residents from a relatively sedentary state to one where they are up, moving, laughing and interacting with each other.

Commenting, Rosie says: “I love the way residents continue to respond so well to my sessions, even after running sessions for years in a home, there are still surprises and new stories!

“I like to educate my participants about music from around the world, and allow them to explore different cultures. After all life is still for living, and no matter your age, you’re never too old to learn new things and play.”

This was the particular bug bear for Rosie, who wanted to make a difference to these people’s lives – whether they could stand, sit or walk – and give them a space to let their hair down.

“I developed dance programmes that could be done sitting or standing and introduced music that they perhaps hadn’t heard before. I wanted to get away from stereotypical war tunes that even older people are fed up of now!


“Yes, occasionally songs that help to turn back the clock are good for the mind, body and soul, but the music I introduce spans the ages and comes from all over the world. In just one class we can travel to Morocco, India and Jamaica through music and the dance moves reflect that.”

On today’s World Mental Health Day, Rosie is one lady that is certainly turning all the problems of mental health into a positive and as she puts it, getting on with the day job.

With sixteen care homes now using Rosie and her team. The vision and plan is to see her dance classes take her home county of Essex by storm and then grow the classes by region so that thousands more people across the UK can benefit. She wants to become the Zumba of the care home world!

Rosie concludes: “Each and every class I host puts a smile on my face and I couldn’t think of a better job that makes me laugh day in day out – this is why I started my business. This is why I’m my own entrepreneur.”

Thank you so much to Rosie for sharing her story and her wonderful venture. If you would like to become a co-ordinator, Rosie offers training and a fabulous package. Just go to www.join-the-circle.co.uk  to find out more. Or if you think a local care home could do with these amazing sessions, point them to the website.


Don’t suffer in silence……

Please don’t suffer in silence if you’re feeling depressed or having suicidal thoughts. There are many organisations which can offer advice, or just lend an ear. You can also seek your doctors help. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed, they are there to help and won’t judge.

Just type ‘Mental Health Help’ in Google and you will come up with some fabulous organisations. Please remember you are never alone, there’s always someone who can help x




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