How To Wear Athleisure Wear Outside Of The Gym

athleisure wear
It used to be solely reserved for morning spin classes and jogs around your local park, but gym wear, termed athleisure wear, is now no longer just for working out.

It’s now a massive trend to wear what you would once have only worn in the confines of your local gym to social events and even to work. Athleisure wear is huge, and it is everywhere. With fashion brands and high street retailers catching on to the trend, athleisure wear clothing almost seems too nice to wear to the gym.

So, What Actually Is Athleisure Wear?

You might have heard the term thrown around your kettle bell class or seen it posted all over social media, but what does it actually mean? Athleisure wear is a trend that involves wearing casual clothing, such as yoga leggings and hoodies, that have been purposefully created to wear for doing anything else other than working out. Essentially, it means that it is now acceptable to wear yoga pants to the supermarket or an oversized hoodie to a work meeting or to brunch with your friends.

There is, however, a certain art to achieving the athleisure wear trend outside of the gym. If you are looking for ways that you can add this (very comfortable) trend into your everyday wardrobe, there here are some tips on how you can wear athleisure wear outside of the gym.

Athleisure wear

Choose Neutral Colours

Softer neutral tones are big when it comes to athleisure wear pieces, as well as bold black items. When it comes to wearing athleisure wear as an everyday outfit, the key is all about minimalism and comfort. If you really want to add some colour to your outfit, a pair of coloured trainers goes really well with pretty much every item of athleisure wear.

Mix Up Materials

Leave the full lycra outfit for your 80s fancy dress outfit. If you want to pull off the athleisure wear trend, then you need to mix up traditional gym wear with other items and materials that are definitely not gym appropriate. For example, pair your yoga pants with a denim jacket for a relaxed outfit style.

Choose Quality Pieces

Athleisure doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable to wear the same pair of trainers that you’ve had since college, or your oldest and most faded gym t-shirt. In order to pull off the athleisure wear trend, it’s easier for you to find fresh pieces that fit how they are meant to and are in perfect condition.

Add Layers

For the athleisure trend, wearing just a top with gym leggings doesn’t cut it. Layer items to add a more varying type of style to your outfit. Opt for an unusual jacket or add the 90s trend to your outfit as well by tying a jumper or sweater around your waist. This way, you can add a more personal style to your outfit, whilst still looking great!

Add Accessories (Cautiously!)

Accessories are a huge part of upping your athleisure wear outfit but choose them carefully. Certain pieces will transform your outfit completely. Choose accessories that are trend-driven, such as small sunglasses or a pair of Louis Vuitton trainers to completely uplift your simple and casual leggings and t-shirt combination.

Choose Brands

Whilst you can get athleisure pieces in high street stores, a lot of the bigger fashion brands have taken the athleisure trend and completely made it their own. They’ve changed the look of the trend completely and some of the pieces are a mixture of the biggest trends this year, including streetwear and 90s fashion. Brands including Off White, Nike and Under Armour have some great pieces and are set to dominate the athleisure scene for some time.

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