High end fashion photoshoot with £20 wedding dresses!

Emmy from Lotus photography proves that to create the look of a high-end wedding you only need to spend £20 or less on the wedding dress!

Prince Harry & Duchess Meghan’s wedding was beautiful, romantic, it was everything we could have dreamed of for a Royal Wedding.

But I confess, I gulped when I read reports the wedding dress cost between £200,000-£400,000. I opened my wallet and looked at the collection of coppers, old receipts and a screwed up £20 note.

After London Fashion Week, my love of fashion has grown. The imagination, talent and skill that is used to craft beautiful gowns, is astonishing. But sadly, these gowns are not always within our budget.

Lotus Photography has just launched Wedding Photography Packages, so I wanted to do something different to celebrate. So I decided to see what I could do with that screwed up £20 note. Could I create a high-end wedding fashion shoot only using dresses that cost £20?

Where do you get a £20 wedding dress from?

Oxfam has specialist bridal boutiques which not only stock second hand dresses, but also ex-display and ex-fashion-show wedding dress. Unfortunately, the day I visited, the cheapest was £50. It was beautiful, but over budget.
Instead, I opted instead for eBay. If you chose to do the same, remember that wedding dress sizes vary greatly and to read the descriptions carefully. Having said that, I purchased 6 dresses, all very different, fantastic condition, and each under £20.

Introducing the team……

Teaming up with Sapphire Styling Hair & Makeup, Poppies Florist Bournemouth and our models, Naomi, Valhalla and Elaina, we prepared for our shoot.
Each model chose their own dress whilst Sapphire Styling and Poppies Florist completed the look.

The looks……

Naomi, opted for a blush pink TNFC dress with stunning open back and bead detail with a satin sash, purchased for £9.99. Her blush look was completed with subtle pink makeup and soft curls throughout her hair.

Elaina, chose a classic strapless sheath BHS wedding dress, with beading throughout, purchased for £20. Her hair was placed in an elegant low ponytail with natural makeup.
Valhalla, our wild child, opted for a plunging white Nasty Gal jumpsuit complete with cape, purchased for £20. This was teamed with a faux-hawk and striking dramatic makeup.

With bouquets of sunflowers, bright ribbons, a stunning brooch details, seashells, daises, each bouquet stunning stunning, unique and complemented each look.

The location….

For locations we decided to do it all, well everything you wouldn’t expect that is. We used an elevator, Boscombe Gardens, Bournemouth Vintage Funfair and Bournemouth Lower Gardens. We wanted to put these dresses through as much as we could, there was no point getting £20 wedding dresses if they would fall apart on a bumper car.

The End Results….

I was thrilled with the end result. Each dress highlighted each model’s style, survived every challenge we threw at it, and they all looked fantastic!

This challenge proved that when you are planning your big day, remember to love, dance, smile, #ShowYourUniqueStyle and it’s amazing what you can do with a screwed up £20 note.

About Emmy the photographer….

Emily ‘Emmy’ Johns is a photographer based in Bournemouth, Dorset. You can read about her adventures on her website and follow her on her Facebook and Instagram .

Have an idea for the next Lotus Photography challenge?

Email: lotusphotographyuk@gmail.com, who knows what they will get up to next!


Yummy Desserts: Bora Bora Desserts (They’re a brand new start up serving vegan ice cream and are seriously delicious.)
Models: Naomi | Valhalla | Elaina
Hair & Makeup:
Sapphire Styling Hair & Makeup
Florist: Poppies Florist Bournemouth

You all did an amazing job!


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