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Have you ever dreamed of running your own business? Do you day dream about being your own boss? How about planning your own schedule for the day at not being confined to the stifling cocoon of a 9 til 5 role?

There are many reasons that I wanted to be a business owner. Firstly I feel I was born with a creative element to me that was never quite satisfied in either an academic or a corporate world. Secondly I got really annoyed at the amount of time, effort and quite often tears, I was putting in to achieving somebody else’s goals. Quite frankly I was making them look good and as far as the company systems and processes were concerned I have been ring fenced as a particular role whilst my managers took the glory and the promotions.

So I did something about it. I started my own company. Not in my area of expertise but in somebody else’s. Why? Because that was what I was good at. I could sell something somebody else had created ten times better than I could sell something I had created. I tend to get very embarrassed about putting something out there that was personal to me.

Here is the exercise that I used to turn my dream of owning a business into a list of goals with plans attached to them.

Firstly, I got clear on my dream – To be a business owner. Maybe your dream is more money orientated or a need for extra time spent with your family but mine was a long-time desire to be my own boss.

I then created 3 questions:

  • What did I enjoy doing?
  • What do I have a real passion for?
  • What are my best skills?

I answered each one truthfully and made a list for each.

I then brainstormed business ideas that satisfied each of those answers, and stood back. There was a common theme – to set up an engineering consultancy with my other half where he brings the expertise and I bring the business know how. Of course it helped that he had already expressed feelings of being fed up working for his employers.

This one idea didn’t satisfy everything tho. My absolute passion was seeing entrepreneurs come up with ideas and succeed in following there dreams. That’s where Champreneurs was born – to celebrate and to support entrepreneurs. It’s now my side hustle for 2018, so remember even a business owner is side hustling to make sure they meet their goals and fulfill their dreams.

Believe me, if I can do it then anyone can! I’d love to see more of you turning your dreams plans and achieving huge goals in your life.

You can sign up for FREE membership at Champreneurs www.champreneurs.co.uk and follow on Instagram.

Laura Rimmer - Guest Writer

Laura Rimmer - Guest Writer

Boss at Champreneurs
A crazy, dream filled entrepreneur who is following her dreams and living her best life.
Laura spent 5 years working with students and graduates who wanted to start their own business straight out of University. Laura then went on to help small businesses grow in the UK. Having started a successful engineering consultancy, Laura decided to create Champreneurs. The website brings together free resources from all over the internet to help you
Laura Rimmer - Guest Writer

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