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This month I got asked something I haven’t in the last 9 years. For an interview!

I’m used to being the one asking questions so when Luisa Kearney from approached me and said “I had one idea, I’m not sure whether you would be up for this…would you be interested in me interviewing you for your own magazine?” I jumped at the chance to be on the receiving end for once.

And I can honestly say, it’s harder than I thought!

So here you go, just a little glimpse into the story of Anne Louise Magazine.

Explain who you are and what you do.

I’m Linsey and I’m the creator of Anne Louise Magazine, a printed glossy which was distributed across Lincolnshire in the UK and also available online. However now the magazine is just online. I oversee everything, so I’m a Jack-of-all-trades!

Where did the idea for Anne Louise Magazine come from?

I was working for a local newspaper at the time as their website administrator overseeing 8 of their websites. There was a supplementary magazine that the sales team used to work on, and I think I realised that they wouldn’t let me work on it due to my lack or training, I’m a self taught graphic designer and web designer. So I decided that I would have a go at designing one, after drafting a few pages I was hooked! I had a knack for being able to get in touch with the ‘right’ people so that I had celebrities on the cover. Something most free magazines do not do.

What does your typical working day look like?

At the moment it’s a lot different to what it used to be as the magazine is only online.

I’m currently spreading my time with the magazine and Graphic design work. So mostly I don’t have a set timetable. I’m definitely one of those people that check their work emails all day!

Usually I check for some stories that I think are interesting to add to the site, browse Instagram looking for new businesses and products that I would love to promote.

Afternoons are usually when I sit down and do my designing.

When the magazine was in print, it was a lot harder and more structured. I would need to work out how many pages need to be done each day so that I met the print deadline. And since I did everything I would be searching for new clients, responding to existing ones, chasing up stories, press releases and making sure I have a celeb for the cover and interview. Designing pages and adverts, editing and contacting distributors.

Since launching the magazine, what has been the best thing about your journey?

Honestly, it’s the people I have helped and their businesses. When I started, my main ambition was to create a free magazine that people would pick up and love. This would then be a benefit to my advertisers as the readers wanted the magazine. I made sure it wasn’t full of adverts like most magazines are.

It was always lovely to hear my advertisers saying that they had new clients from the magazine. Most of those advertisers are still with all this time later as graphic design clients.

Where do you imagine Anne Louise in 5 years time?

I would love the magazine to be back in print, distributed across the UK. Helping businesses to promote their goodies! My dream has always been to have one of those gorgeous offices, with a couple of employees who love working for the magazine. You know the ones, comfy chairs, kitchen with all the gadgets and light and airy! Hopefully a thriving online site with loads of fabulous articles from people all over the world. Oh and of course to be happy, healthy and thriving!

What advice would you give to anybody who is looking to starting an online fashion business?

Research, Research, Research! The more you can prepare, the more likely you are to succeed.

Make sure you get your branding sorted at the beginning before you launch. Find yourself a graphic designer that ‘gets’ what your business is about. And then promote like crazy! Offer samples to bloggers, little local magazines in exchange for articles etc. Make a press release and include high res images.

And most of all, keep true to you. If something doesn’t feel right, ditch it.

Luisa Kearney

Luisa Kearney is a professional fashion stylist and editor. She runs Online Personal Stylist – a blog, where inspirational stories are told through fashion and conscious fashion is mainstream.




Linsey created Anne Louise Magazine as a published glossy magazine in 2009 which she designed and distributed herself across Lincolnshire.
Being an online magazine now means the magazine can cover more gorgeous features and have no limit on area or country.

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