How to ensure your career or business doesn’t plateau

Claire NicoleWhen it comes to business and work life, staying on track for success and growth is so important, yet so many of us can easily fall off the rails, become distracted and focus on the everyday tasks rather than being strategic in planning and implementation.

That’s what multiple business owner and coach Claire Nicole from¬†¬†says, and believes that checking-in regularly with your goals is so crucial, especially if you’re a passionate and highly-skilled solo entrepreneur who knows they can make it, but are perhaps in a limbo phase.

“Female entreprneuers often come to me having been in business for a number of years and their business has plateaued,” comments Claire. “And, sadly that’s absolutely normal if there is no strategy in place, which is fundamental for success and year-on-year growth.

“Whilst a lack of planning and strategy doesn’t spell the end of a business lifeline, for most people, it’s often the wake-up call that’s needed to get their business back on track.”

With four in 10 small businesses not making it passed the five year mark, it’s important that owner:managers, entrepreneurs and those wanting to escape the 9-5 accept the realities and often the struggles of running a successful business and understand how to get their business back on track.

Claire’s seven top tips for business success:

1 – Ensure you’re still in the right business

If you’re not passionate about your business or the business your working for then it’s time to call it a day. Yes, really. If you aren’t doing something you love or believe in, don’t pursue it because you will soon lose all motivation, and that lack of desire to move forward just won’t be there.

2 – Accept the realities

If you have reached a point where business isn’t coming in as fast as you’d like it to be or your being overlooked by your employer, don’t bury your head. Take action. Make a list of the things you have to change in order to get over that next hurdle, I usually suggest a ‘100 reasons why’ list.

3 – Check-in, improve and evolve

Each and every day, it’s important to check in with yourself. How are you feeling? How could I improve today? What could I have done better yesterday? How am I moving this problem forward? How can I celebrate success?

4 – Do your sums

If you’re a solo entrepreneur, keep an eye on your incomings and outgoings weekly. I work with so many people who bury their heads with this and yet it’s one of the most important parts of being a successful business owner. Keep the cash flow in a healthy position and try to build up three-month’s worth of savings.

5 – Hire a business coach

If you’ve never worked with a coach before it can feel like a luxury to do this, but once you take that step, you’ll realise that a coach who is a step removed from your business can be extremely beneficial, as they bring focus, clarity, goal setting, objectives and accountability. Something that may not have been achieved on your own.

6 – Balance work and life

Whilst business is important and for some all-consuming, taking time out can actually bring greater clarity and creativity. Make time for it.

7 – Exercise

Being in business and wanting to climb the corporate ladder can take it’s toll on your mental health so ensure daily exercise and movement is time blocked into your day.


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