What I would tell my younger entrepreneurial self: Kelly Chandler

Kelly Chandler

Wedding Consultant, Kelly Chandler has been at the vanguard of the wedding industry since 2003, and has grown her award-winning planning business, The Bespoke Wedding Company, to become one of the UK’s most respected independent wedding and event planning companies. A former Director of trade body, the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, Kelly is a well regarded innovator, mentor, trainer and industry spokesperson on and in the wedding business.

Kelly is a long-term preferred service provider for exclusive venues such as Syon Park, Highclere Castle, Spencer House & Stoke Park Club where her professional, knowledgeable, friendly approach is highly coveted. Her consulting draws on prior experience in international conference & event planning, 13+ years of business management, working directly with discerning couples planning their weddings in diverse locations and forging successful relationships with all components of the wedding industry. She is commercially astute and uniquely placed to help new and existing wedding venue businesses stay-ahead in the fast-paced wedding and events market. She is particularly passionate about consulting via her Refine & Shine Programme for established successful wedding locations helping them to review, refine and improve their offering to achieve great success.

We caught up with Kelly and asked, “What advice would you tell your younger entrepreneur self?”

What I would tell my younger entrepreneurial self: Kelly Chandler

Ask any entrepreneur if they could go back in time and the answer would almost certainly be yes. Whether it’s learning from mistakes, recognising shortfalls early on or perhaps investing in something they had put off for years.

Truth is, in business, it’s always about learning – as well as adapting, shifting, upping the acceleration or even navigating a new direction – the wheel of self-development never stops. EVER.

And whether you own your own business, it’s a pipe dream or perhaps things haven’t worked out for your first-time round, don’t give up.

That’s the advice from wedding venue consultant and entrepreneur Kelly Chandler, founder of www.kellychandlerconsulting.co.uk

In this article, Kelly’s ‘what I would tell my younger entrepreneurial self’ highlights some of the lessons learned from when she started out in business 15 years ago.

1- Get a coach

We’re not born entrepreneurs and so if you’re new to the world of business and want to learn how to grow and scale, learn from someone who has done it already. It’s something I didn’t invest in early enough and wish I had done so.

2- Do something you’re good at

Sounds easy, right? When you just start out, however, it can feel ‘absolutely fine’ to do what you’re good at and manage everything else as well. Don’t. As soon as you have the funds, outsource admin tasks – those pesky little things that take time day in, day out.

3- Network

Relationships in business are important and professional relationships are even more important. I’m not advocating going to every single networking event – I’ve wasted quite a bit of time doing this to no avail – but develop your own personal network of people, those who you choose to connect with and meet up with for a coffee and a chat. By cherry-picking people who could be mutually beneficial it could do wonders for your business.

4- Cash-poor

When you start making money, ensure that it flows – that’s the very essence of ‘cash flow’. For every invoice you issue and money that comes into the business, take 10 per cent out and pop it into a separate account for a rainy day or a tax bill. Work hard building up a three-month pot of cash that stays put as well and for when you may hit a lull period.

5- Keep some perspective

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy and isn’t for everyone – the highs can be very high and the lows can sometimes flaw you. Develop mental strength and work hard at keeping your brain in a positive frame of mind. Don’t be afraid to take some time out to ensure you come back into business with a fighting spirit.

Thank you so much Kelly Chandler for taking the time to do this article for Anne Louise Magazine. Do you have any questions for Kelly? Let us know in the comments below!

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To get in touch or find out more about the amazing services Kelly offers www.thebespokeweddingco.com and www.kellychandlerconsulting.co.uk




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