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Female Entrepreneur Rachel Davies



Female Entrepreneur Rachel Davies is a photographer who works with personal brands and creative businesses. She helps them tell a compelling visual story about their brand with photography and film to invite their ideal audience to connect and engage with them.

Female Entrepreneur Q & A

What made you decide to start your business and become a female entrepreneur?

My parents were entrepreneurs but they always discouraged me to follow their tracks. I followed a traditional career path, tried lots of jobs, worked in sales and marketing when I finally realised that I was not cut for the corporate life and decided to follow my true path.

What was the process of turning your idea into reality?

It took a few failures before I reached where I am at today, I started with online shop selling jewellery as I couldn’t see how I could make a living out of photography.

What ways have you marketed your business and which has worked the best for you?

The biggest challenge we have as a small business is to stand out of the crowd and understand that it’s gonna take time and a lot of persistence to succeed. For me developing content, blogging, being featured on other blogs and taking part in an online summit have been key.

What’s the one thing you wished you knew at the beginning of your journey?

Understand the process of branding and that you need to sell a solution to a problem otherwise you have nothing to sell.

What’s your daily workday like?

I dedicate 1-2 days a week to photo-shoot, 1 day to editing the rest is writing blog posts, scheduling posts on social media, admin work.

How do you fit being a female entrepreneur around being a mother?

My boys are now teenagers and require less attention. I still need to organise my day around them tough, I’m trying not to work on weekends.

Have you got a favourite quote or mantra that keeps you going?

One by Vince Lombardi.

If you could offer one piece of advice to the ladies out there thinking of starting or just starting their entrepreneurial journey what would it be?

Be clear why you want to start this business, you need more than doing it just for the money, the journey will be tough but you will learn so much about yourself, follow your heart and never stop learning.

If you could have the help of anyone who would it be?

Help with social media!

What’s the ultimate goal for yourself and your business?

I have a vision for the next five years, I am looking to evolve my business into an agency offering customised visual content creation with film and photography

Thank you so much Rachel for taking the time to do this interview with Anne Louise Magazine. Do you have any additional questions for Rachel? Let us know in the comments below!

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