Giedre brings organic, natural and free from products to the UK

Giedre Dromantaite is originally from Lithuania and has been living in the UK for the last 9 years. She’s a mum of two boys age 10 and 4, and a girl 14 months.

Her journey in to the entrepreneurial world started 10 years ago. She tried so many varieties of things that she can say “You name it, I’ve done it”. She spent years in search of finding herself which left her down and disappointed. But as Giedre says “Nothing happens without reasons, I needed to burn and rise like a Phoenix to start all over again.”

Today she can proudly can say that she has made it, she’s a business owner with a vision for a big future. Thanks to a book that a good friend of Giedre’s gave her and the universe who one night answered her question “What should I do?”.

A few months ago Giedre opened her company called Askeko Ltd and she’s one step from launching online. Askeko is dedicated to organic, natural and free from products, where consumers can save time searching for products and producers can promote their products and get more sales and visibility.

Giedre’s aim is to build a main platform in the UK for organic, natural and free from products that is under one roof as well help small businesses and farmers.

“I believe by coming all of us together today we can create a healthier tomorrow.” Giedre

Female Entrepreneur Q & A

What made you decide to start your business and become a female entrepreneur?

Since I was little, I remember playing kid’s games and I was always a banker or shop owner. I remember dreaming that I would have enough money to buy a commercial property so that my parents could run a business. So, from an early age I had a desire for my own business and for me to be able to say “I’m a business owner”.

What was the process of turning your idea into reality?

The process was long and hard. 10 years ago, before my first son was born I started looking for ideas on what to do. I tried so many things over these years, from nail technician to bespoke cake baking,  jewelry making to florist. I did quit each of these businesses after a few months or years because it was not suiting my vision that I had in my head.

Last autumn I stated feeling depressed and down because my oldest son turned 10 which made me realize that I had done nothing over these years. I spent money on trying to start something and I am still without a business that I dreamed. So I stopped chasing it, I stopped thinking about it and even had desire to run from it. I started doubting myself, maybe I am not good enough, maybe I need to get a job and that’s it.

A good friend of mine at that time gave me a book in which says, “ask the universe and the universe will tell you” and this is what I did. The same night I woke up and boom I had “the idea”. In the morning, I researched if anything like this exists and in the next two weeks a research of 500 responses was done. I hired an IT company who brought my idea to reality and today we have “” – an online organic, natural and free from marketplace.

What ways have you marketed your business and which has worked the best for you?

In these days of digital communication, I found that most of us do miss that real connection. XXI century has made us drift apart, so my discovery was that by going to potential customers and having a chat you have quicker business then sending a cold email.

Business networking events, shows and big specialized events are great places for business.

What’s the one thing you wished you knew at the beginning of your journey?

I wish I knew that to handle three kids and build a business would be more stressful than I could imagine. I’m learning to handle it.

What’s your daily workday like?

It starts at 5.30am with my peaceful coffee and checking Google News for organic products filed. Later it’s the school run and then off to work. Evening time is dedicated to family.

How do you fit being a female entrepreneur around being a mother?

I will be honest, it’s hard and as I mentioned earlier, sometimes stress levels get to the point that makes your head pound. Being a mumpreneur is like running a business in it’s self, there is no middle,  it’s like business around family and family around business.

Have you got a favourite quote or mantra that keeps you going?

Oh yes I do and it is “If it’s not meant to be, it’s down to me”.

If you could offer one piece of advice to the ladies out there thinking of starting or just starting their entrepreneurial journey what would it be?

Never give up, if in your journey you happen to fall, get up and take it as a lesson.

If you could have the help of anyone who would it be?

I would have, at the stage that I am, a social media manager. I believe in this field it is good to have a professional.

What’s the ultimate goal for yourself and your business?

I do have so many plans that it’s hard to choose. I think that one of my biggest goals is to have 500 vendors of organic, natural and free from products at Askeko.

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