Renu helps small businesses grow their presence online

Female Entrepreneur Renu runs a Marketing Coaching business, helping small businesses grow their presence online by offering advice on Social Media Best Practice, Content Inspiration (for blogs, website & Social Media) and growing following.

Renu was born and brought up in the city of London but relocated to Leicester (for love) back in 2016.

A Psychology graduate who worked in schools and the community to empower and  support people with disabilities.

In 2009, Renu discovered Digital marketing and has been creating content and marketing it online ever since.

In London, her Digital Marketing role involved working for large retail brands with extensive funds. So when Renu moved to Leicester, her attention moved to those with smaller budgets.

Renus passion for Digital Marketing is based on the theory that:

‘You don’t need to be a big brand to succeed in business, you just need to be a little creative and think outside the box’ .

The service is bespoke and all the content Renu writes is tailored to the businesses needs to add maximum value. There are two ways Renu provides this bespoke service, through small group workshops and 1:1s.

Renu is really passionate about helping small businesses ‘grow bigger’.  But understands the challenges they might have in relation to budgeting, so her sessions are always affordable.

Renu started her business in June this year because she wanted to create a more flexible life for herself. The business is an amalgamation of two important areas in her career – empowering people and digital marketing.

Female Entrepreneur Q & A

What made you decide to start your business and become a female entrepreneur?

I had always dreamt of owning my own business, working for myself and having more freedom. I decided to take the plunge for 2 reasons:

Firstly I wanted to create a more balanced lifestyle for myself, which included the ability to work hours that suited me, attend the gym in the middle of the day and take trips back to London (my home town) when I was experiencing FOMO (Fear of missing out).
I also wanted to start planning for a family and wanted something set up in advance. I feel very passionately about bringing up children myself, so it was important to start exploring what I could do business wise to ensure I could still be around when this time came.

Secondly, I just wanted to help more, although I have been working in digital marketing for 9 years predominantly with big brands. I studied psychology as a degree and my early career involved working in schools with children with disabilities inside the classroom and out, I loved the empowering, teaching and learning element of this, and I knew this was something I was really good at.

I fell into Digital Marketing when I started my own blog 9 years ago and marketed it online. Although I loved the industry, I often felt limited and trapped working with just one company. For this reason, I decided to start a business that would combine everything I wanted. A service that would empower small businesses to learn how to market themselves online through 1:1 coaching and workshops aimed at offering maximum value by creating tailored content…and that is how was born!

What was the process of turning your idea into reality?

It was in October 2017 that I started to get really stressed about work , I was in full time employment at the time, this led to sleepless nights and anxiety. By December and after talking to various people about how I was feeling, I decided I needed to make a change.

In January 2018 I started working on my mindset, I read inspiring books and listened to motivational speeches in an attempt to prepare my mind for the mental switch from employment to self employment. I knew I wanted to do this properly so I started preparing content for my website although I still wasn’t sure exactly what my website would look like, I knew I wanted to empower small businesses using digital marketing.

Feeling confident that I had started to lay strong foundation, in March I handed in my resignation (with no definite end date) and went down to 4 days a week at work which allowed more time to clear my head and focus on building my brand. I found a mindset coach (something I knew I needed) who would help me clear fears and blocks. I started attending networking events by May and talking about what I was doing, this helped me to practice my pitch and start building brand awareness. I found my first 1:1 client in May (although I didn’t do the session till June). I did my branding shoot for my website in June and the same month, scheduled my first workshop (Marketing it in my spare time).

I finally left my full time job at the end of June and conducted my first workshop in July with a selection of independents and small businesses. I do my first public talk about my business in August at a mums networking event.

What ways have you marketed your business and which has worked the best for you?

Social media is brilliant for marketing and I am not just saying that because that is one of my specialities. I share regular blog posts, post in various Facebook groups and attend networking events whenever I can (I believe you can’t just rely on the Internet, face to face contact will always be priceless), all these things have really helped me to grow my business.

What’s the one thing you wished you knew at the beginning of your journey?

Not to be so scared. I wish I understood that all I needed to do is trust and go with the flow.

What’s your daily workday like?

RenuMy day starts and ends with meditation. Sometimes this leads to reading, my big goals this year were to focus on my self development and mental health so I search for books within these categories. After breakfast I switch on my phone and check social media/whatsapp etc. I then sit down and start my work.

If I am planning for a 1:1 session or workshop, I spend time preparing the content, this involves lots of research and writing. Some days involve writing blog posts or marketing existing content. I post on Instagram daily, sometimes you’ll also see stories. I have started going to the gym (One of the things I really missed when I was working), this might happen mid day or after work.

I don’t have set working hours although being a wife I try to stick to 9-5 as much as possible so my husband and house aren’t neglected. Each day is different, sometimes I take a few hours off in the day, sometimes I work from home, or to avoid the feeling of isolation, sometimes I work from a cafe or with a friend. I like to mix it up as much as possible!

Have you got a favourite quote or mantra that keeps you going? 

Always remember why you made the choices you made, this will stop you from feeling resentment.

So, I often remind myself that I left my full time job so I could create a more balanced lifestyle, to avoid the 9-5 grind and be free of a monotonous routine, to be more happy and do something I loved, so I could help my light shine. I also remind myself how lucky I am to be given this opportunity, I always yearned for more and I really feel now I have the chance to discover what that is.

If you could offer one piece of advice to the ladies out there thinking of starting or just starting their entrepreneurial journey what would it be?

Don’t let other people put you off pursuing your dreams – only you know what is best for you.

If you could have the help of anyone who would it be?

A successful woman entrepreneur to act as a mentor – an encouraging voice, someone I could see on a regular basis to redirect me on the days I have struggles.

What’s the ultimate goal for yourself and your business?

My personal goals are to keep growing and learning as a person. I also want to write my own book #watchthisspace. For my business, I want to continue growing the 1:1 coaching helping even more businesses build their confidence online especially the women. I want to do more workshops, not just here but also in London and eventually worldwide.

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