Aneta is a devoted Coach, Trainer and an Academic Teacher. And a passionate Entrepreneur

Female Entrepreneur Aneta is on a mission to build a community of creative FemPreneurs who believe that they can support & inspire one another. She is the founder of the group: Happy FemPreneurs.

Aneta can’t tolerate it when businesswomen are limited by fear of judgement, feeling guilty and the pervasive belief that they do not have time for themselves or money to invest in their own education. Self-criticism and low self-esteem are other common blockers. Her dream is to see all those creative and ambitious women launch, grow and scale their businesses with success.

FemPreneurs is an online community which also occasionally organises meetups in Warsaw; these are done over candle-lit dinner parties during which you can enjoy business workshops and an exchange of support and positive energy.
An early bird who believes that dawn is the best moment when she can get inspired during an intense workout or learn from those smarter than her. Aneta loves her family and friends, enjoys writing, physical exercise and dancing.

Her biggest dream has always been to support people in reaching for more, both in professional and private lives. Every day Aneta helps them discover and develop their potential.

What made you decide to start your business and become a female entrepreneur? What was the process of turning your idea into reality?

I’ve always wanted to live my dream. I’ve dreamed of supporting others in believing in their potential, helping them grow, develop, achieve ambitious goals.

I didn’t know if such a profession even existed. But I knew I was cut out for being that person.

After completing my university studies in English Philology, I started my career as an English teacher, mainly in business. But underneath I felt that I needed something more, to influence the lives of others.

Then, I had a baby boy and opened my first business with my sister, a language school. Initially everything was great, but after 3 years I felt stagnation. I only saw one future for my company. I didn’t open myself for new possibilities, products, marketing or selling strategies, new clients or new ideas. My head was full of limiting beliefs. I wasn’t using my time and energy effectively. I wasn’t developing as a leader. But, most importantly, I had lost faith in the potential of the company and in myself. I gave up.

Who knows what would have happened if I had had coaching support at that time. But I hadn’t.

That was a crucial experience for me. Now I understand the challenges of an entrepreneur.

After 30, I had a daughter. One day I was looking at her lovely little face as she was sleeping. I asked myself a question. When she gets older, is she going to observe a fulfilled, truly happy mum who lives her passion and enriches other people` s lives?

Am I offering the world the best I could? How can I teach this young lady to live her dream? It is not so easy, especially for a woman.

I said to myself, OK, Aneta, it’s time, no more excuses. And I took up my postgraduate studies to become a professional coach. Changing a career path is never easy, but it was coaching that helped me make up my mind, set new goals and verify my values. It’s a powerful trans-formative tool, surprising things happen when you experience it. My first clients reassured me that it was the best decision. Their successes are the best motivation for me to develop.

In what ways have you marketed your business and which has worked the best for you?

So far mainly word-of-mouth. Recently I’ve created my website and a Facebook group.

What’s the one thing you wished you knew at the beginning of your journey?

I wish I had known that my coaching business would be as rewarding as it is. I used to worry that I might not succeed at helping my clients, my inner critic would whisper: You’re not good enough.

What’s your daily workday like?

I live totally according to my values, so my life is very simple. Since I value my family’s health, I constantly care about the high quality of the food we eat; we also do sports together. I always find time for regeneration, I go to the gym, cycle or get a massage. Since I value love, I spend quality time with my husband, going on dates and organising romantic weekends. Since I value my family, I adjust my work to my kids’ schedule so that we can spend family time together. Since I value close relationships, development and passion, independence, I run my coaching and training business. That’s it. I don’t need watching TV, shopping malls or cutting-edge technology.

And, surprisingly, thanks to long-term planning and concentration on my values I’m quite relaxed on a daily basis.

How do you fit being a female entrepreneur around being a mother?

I always prioritise my kids’ important moments, birthdays parties, holidays, school events etc. I put everything in my schedule first, and then plan my business activities around them.  I do my best to combine taking them to school, having meals, playing games with my duties. And I try to use my time wisely, for instance I work out at 6:00 am, when they are asleep.

Have you got a favourite quote or mantra that keeps you going?

 “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Carl Gustaw Jung

It’s all about gaining self-awareness, facing limiting beliefs, taming the inner critic and creating a life based on true needs, desires, values and a vision. It’s about taking responsibility for your choices.

If you could offer one piece of advice to the ladies out there thinking of starting their entrepreneurial journey what would it be?

You can’t afford not to use experts. Invest in professional consultations, you will see effects very soon. And obviously join a support group that will give you energy, inspiration and a lot of valuable knowledge.

If you could have the help of anyone who would it be?

I wish I had had a coach at the start of my first business. This time I was smarter, I got one, plus I found myself a mentor who helped me create the best strategy.

 What’s the ultimate goal for yourself and your business?

My ultimate dream is to combine happy family life with running my business. I want my kids to see a fulfilled mum, which will inspire them to live their dreams in the future.

In business my big goal is to build a community of FemPreneurs who support and inspire one another.

My mission is helping people grow and develop so that they reach desired goals. My greatest passion is helping them aim even higher.

Thank you so much Aneta for taking the time to do this interview with Anne Louise Magazine. Do you have an additional questions for Aneta? Let us know in the comments below!

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