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The benefits of crystals have been recognised and appreciated since ancient civilisation. Fast-forward to now, and crystals are quickly becoming the must-have ingredient in our beauty regimes because of their energy-enhancing properties. Crystals act as semi-conductors for your skin, meaning they can stimulate cellular productivity, improve cell function and ultimately, skin health!

Check out these ELEMIS crystal goodies for your best skin ever….



The jewel of the Pro-Collagen Collection, Quartz Lift Serum contains the purest concentration of the marine extract Padina Pavonica empowered with precious minerals, to help support cell structure and strengthen the epidermis.

A powerful light serum that imparts an immediate lifting and firming effect on the skin. Utilising Padina Pavonica, precious minerals Quartz and Rhodochrosite and Argan Tree Oil, this breakthrough serum helps to promote cellular activity, stimulate cell renewal and support cell structure.

ELEMIS uses a powerful combination of concentrated actives and hydrophilic bases, to strengthen and effectively, restructure the outer skin cell matrix. Collagen-supporting and cellplumping actives instantly provide the skin with a smoother, more youthful appearance due to dramatically improved skin elasticity and firmness.

“Due to molecular size, serums are one of the fastest acting delivery systems and therefore an effective way to penetrate the skin. Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Serum visibly improves skin condition leaving it uplifted and feeling firmer while fine lines and wrinkles appear reduced.”

Noella Gabriel, Co-Founder and Creator of ELEMIS Therapies



The NEW Skin Energising Skincare System

ELEMIS is breaking new skincare boundaries with the launch of BIOTEC – scientifically proven to increase cell energy.

Following the launch of award-winning ELEMIS BIOTEC professional treatments, the ELEMIS cosmetic scientists have been researching, innovating and developing ELEMIS BIOTEC skincare for over 3 years. Launching ground-breaking patented technology, ELEMIS BIOTEC is set to be the biggest launch from ELEMIS since Pro-Collagen launched 13 years ago, energising the skin from within.
The NEW Energising Skincare System helps to re-boot skin’s performance for a thriving, vibrant and freshly revived complexion. Scientifically proven* to increase cell energy by up to 27%, promoting optimum skin function and vitality.


Pop along to ELEMIS.COM  for more information and to see the fabulous range of skin treats!



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