Beauty Review: Bilou Creamy Shower Foam, 2 in 1 Bodyspray and Gentle Cream Foam

Bilou sent me some of their fabulous products to test out and review, they included:

  • Pink Melon Creamy Shower Foam
  • Fizzy Berry Gentle Cream Foam
  • Coco Cocktail 2 in 1 bodyspray

First a little bit about the Bilou philosophy, all their products have been tested for skin compatibility. Skin compatibility has been tested by dermatologists using an epicutaneous test from Dermatest and confirmed with the quality seal “Dermatest excellent”.

All products are 100% Vegan and not tested on animals.

You can tell a lot of thought and time has been spent to create these products, the packaging is eye catching and so cute, and will look fabulous in any bathroom. The textures are luxurious and the smells are rich, you can tell they haven’t skimped on quality ingredients.

Now for my review on the Bilou products…..

Bilou Creamy Shower Foam

I was a bit unsure at first how I would get on with the Bilou Creamy Shower Foam as I have always been a lather on the gel kind of gal so to be truthful it took me a couple of days to get used to the foam texture to wash with. But when I did I was glad I tried it. It’s amazingly soft and silky and feels amazing on the skin and the Pink Melon scent is sugar sweet smelling. I can see why they say their products are not to be eaten, so tempting!

It’s fabulous for when you need to shave as well as it makes the razor glide and leaves you skin smelling gorgeous and touchabley smooth.

Bilou Gentle Cream Foam

At first I was suprised that the Bilou Gentle Cream Foam was a moisturising foam! I had never seen one before and was excited to try it and see how it felt and left my skin feeling.

It had an amazing feel to it, it felt more luxurious slathering on a foam instead of a liquid moisturiser. The Fizzy Berry smell was heaven and I couldn’t stop smelling my skin! It made my skin feel satin smooth, not greasy or slippy like some moisturisers can do. Perfect for in the summer when you need to moisturise but don’t want to feel like an oil slick!

Bilou 2 in 1 Body Spray

The Bilou 2 in 1 bodyspray is going to be a Godsend in the summer, it’s so refreshing, cooling and light. Perfect for those hot days when you need to freshen up and cool down in the heat. The scent is coconut so again it’s a gorgeous smell that doesn’t over power you and leaves you feeling refreshed.

I have to say I loved trying the Bilou products and just a few of the scents in the range. The products are available to purchase in the UK at Superdrug

What do you think, have you tried the Bilou range yet?



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