Beauty Review: Korean Skincare Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence

My skin has always been temperamental but last year I developed pigmented rough skin along my jawline and up around my nose and cheeks, gorgeous rough bumps staring back at me in all their glory. After a visit to the doctors it turned out to be Keratosis Pilaris, I didn’t even know you could get this on your face! The doctor sent me away to do my own research on how to treat it.

First stop, Instagram. Korean skincare routine was everywhere! Gorgeous glass like skin in all its envious glory on post after post. So after researching Korean Skincare I decided to revamp my whole routine and follow in the Koreans footsteps, all ten of them! The Koreans have a word for beautiful glowing skin – Chock Chock – which literally means moist!

First on my list was an essence, which is the heart of the Korean skincare philosophy. I decided to try out Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence, this Essence is a cult favorite among Korean skin care lovers as it repairs damage and even out skin tone in just a few short weeks of using it morning and night.

Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist

Here’s what it states on the Missha website:

Concentrated Essence
Creates the perfect base for your skincare routine by conditioning skin with powerfully concentrated 80% Fermented Yeast Extract.

Brightens & Balances
Clarifies tone, refines skin texture, and minimizes the appearance of redness for a clean & bright complexion.

Moisture Infusion
Deeply hydrating fluid enriched with hyaluronic acid & niacinamide to moisturize and replenish skins texture.

You only have to do a hashtag search on Instagram or read reviews on Google and Soko Glam to see that this product is highly sought after.

I was instantly drawn to the Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist as the first thing to try and sort out my skin. It sounded good, and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

The Essence comes packaged in a beautiful box that shouts professional skincare. A frosted glass bottle helps keep the contents fresh and the liquid is very light and watery, you only need a small amount which you pat onto your skin after your cleansing part of your routine.

I’ve been using it for a few weeks religiously morning and night, and it’s definitely doing something. My skin feels softer, a little less bumpy and generally more plump. It’s as if if my skin was a desert before and someone has slowly poured some thirst quenching water over it. My skin is sucking up all the goodness like no bodies business! Hopefully this will keep going as I use it more and my skin will keep on improving.

Here are a few of the testimonials on the Missha website:

The Time Revolution the 1st treatment essence simply works like magic! What else can I say? G.J

The Time Revolution Intensive Moist Essence is perfect for my sunburnt face. The bottle is beautiful and luxurious, so it feels like a mini-facial! Lisa W

I have been using this essence for a couple weeks now and I definitely see some results. My skin fells more glowing and plum. I will continue to use if as part of my skincare routine. Great job, MISSHA! Alla Z



Keep an eye out as I will be adding more Korean products into my regime on my quest for Chock Chock skin!


Have you tried the Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence or any other Korean products? Please leave a comment below with your recommendations or how you got along with this product….



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