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Today we’re talking about mineral and cruelty free makeup. So we picked a known English makeup brand which follows our health ideas and ethical principles: “BareFace minerals”.

When you was putting on your makeup this morning was you thinking how it was manufactured? Because most of us don’t.

BareFace minerals promises to use naturally occurring minerals which are sourced directly from mother-earth. Their process omits the use of all fillers, chemical dyes, alcohol, binders and chemical preservatives, thus promoting a much healthier complexion.

What is mineral Makeup?

Let’s start with the beginning. What does mineral makeup mean? Mineral makeup is a finely milled powder made up of 100% minerals from the earth, like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica and iron oxide. It should be free from dyes, preservatives and fragrance.

High quality mineral makeup should contain very few ingredients, all providing excellent product quality and offering a variety of health benefits. This is exactly what BareFace minerals provides.

Cruelty free makeup

We think it is important to love yourself and most importantly your natural self by also respecting yourself and the environment around you. This is why we support cruelty free and vegan products. The truth is that vegan products are also much healthier for your skin. So why not switch to something ethical that would enhance your natural beauty while also giving you a stunningly healthy look?

Good news to all the vegans out there. Do you want to go green all the way? Well, traditional makeup is often produced with a large carbon footprint. Mineral powders are ecologically friendly and BareFace minerals is vegan and also cruelty free makeup.

Healthy for your skin

We give you even more reasons to try mineral makeup. We believe that the best foundation is one that you apply and forget about it. But most of the traditional foundations contain talc, a bulking agent that leads to a formula that feels heavy on the skin while mineral makeup feels mostly like second skin, with a barely-there feel. A barrier between your skin and the environment is always welcome, as long as it’s still letting your skin breathe, which most traditional makeup doesn’t. In addition to this, since mineral makeup is free of skin-irritating ingredients, it’s a good choice for those that suffer from rosacea, effectively covering and correcting surface redness. And did you know that tradition makeup contains additives that can either irritate sensitive skin or cause unnecessary breakouts?

PS: BareFace minerals also provide their clients with animal friendly and vegan brushes which are designed using synthetic hair for optimum makeup application.

Long story short: We tried BareFace minerals and we love them!

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