Anne Louise Magazine started from a love of design and help of promoting businesses. Original in a fabulous glossy edition that was distributed across Lincolnshire in the UK, the magazine was a sought after item with readers patiently waiting for the next issue to arrive at various coffee shops, fashion and interior boutiques, luxury car waiting rooms as well as many other prestigious venues.

The magazine was a success in the eyes of the reader, however trying to get businesses to realise it’s potential to market their business and products was hard work. And for Anne Louise Magazine, run and designed by myself, a one woman team, it proved fatal. The magazine ceased printed publication and was put on hold. What was I doing in the meantime, having my beautiful daughter who is now 5. And branding businesses for clients I met through them taking adverts in the magazine. These clients have been with me for a staggering 9 years, so I must be doing something right!

However readers and a couple of businesses who saw the effect of advertising in the magazine kept pestering for the magazine to come back, even though it’s been 7 years since the last printed issue!

So here we are, an online version with the dream of one day soon getting back into print and bringing a fabulous free glossy magazine back into circulation.

I aim to please! Fingers crossed my dream comes true and I can make it happen. But until then, Anne Louise Magazine will be online bringing lots of goodies.

So thank you for taking the time to pop along and peruse the site, interact with the Facebook or Instagram site, you are all amazing 🙂


Linsey -X-

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